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Book Review: Dawn by Jay Reel

Dawn: Year Seven

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Dawn is a very special little girl who depends on human blood for survival. She lives on the road with her ever-protective father, and dreams to be part of the world she is constantly hiding from. Now that she has started to "hunt" on her own, Dawn has been given a precious gift: A chance to stop running. A chance to feel normal. A chance to live. But how long can it last?

My review: I read Dawn in two days and it is a 287 page book so for me that says a lot. It is indeed a story about a little girl who is a as I say, a hybrid of a human father and vampire mother.
I give Dawn a Five star rating. Which is my highest rating for any book.

 When you begin reading this story you will quickly learn that it is not only about the little girl Dawn's need to live off of human blood. It is about the relationships of the father, daughter, and those they meet along their travels. They live like traveling gypsies getting work where John can to keep his daughter housed, fed, and safe from discovery. He knows her fate if her true identity is revealed as a blood sucking creature.

 Again, this is so much more than a vampire human relationship. It is about this little girl who is wise beyond her years with compassion for those around her. How Jay Reel the writer put so much compassion into Dawn and her father is a rare talent. He spins such a wonderful dramatic tale with bits of humor which keeps the reader enthralled with every page.

***** Dawn is a must read, it is a quick read as I found, due to the fact that you just can't put it down. I had interviewed Jay about this book and he explained the story to me before I bought his book. He spins a tale about relationships that are more powerful than life's problems.

  Dawn gives you a lasting impression of how kindness, caring, determination, and what one to one compassion looks like.
  You are reminded that Dawn is just a little girl with an unusual way of life. Yet you can't help but embrace the fact she is a little girl that has feelings and a father that worships her greatly.

  Read it with a box of tissues, It is a MUST read folks.
 Review again by Kathy Bradshaw, Southern Made In The Shade Blog

Read what others have to say about DAWN!

Jun. 3, 2011By trey_s
Jay Reel spins a compulsively readable tale of the earlier experiences of Dawn and her father in Dawn: Year Seven. For those who haven't seen Jay's exceptional independent film Dawn, this supplies great background material...and you'll definitely want to seek out the movie after reading! At nearly 300 pages, I finished this in only a couple of days, a testament to Jay's fluid storytelling and the vibrancy of the characters. A recommended buy!
Jan. 24, 2012By Penny S. Lopez
Really enjoyed Jay's book! Captures your heart for this little girl Dawn. Definitely need tissues for this one! Uses such good descriptive details so you can have that vision of being there in the scenes yourself. Unique storytelling that brings out a little girls struggle for survival in a world that would never accept her for the truth. The father goes to all means to protect his daughter and make friends despite their circumstances. Look forward to other projects of Jay Reel in near future.

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  1. I would love to read your book Cuz, if I don't win then I guess I will have to let go of some money and buy my own copy....but seeing how I am family and all wonder if I could get the author to sign it once I buy it ;) Hugggs All!!