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Home Decor: 5 Indoor Plants

 5 Indoor Plants anyone can grow and enjoy year long with a little care.


Latin name: Muehlenbeckia nana
Angel ivy (also known as wire vine) festoons this topiary ring measuring 12 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter. Care for your topiary by keeping the soil moist but not soggy. A mister provides a light but thorough watering. Do not allow your topiary to sit in water or become completely dry. Avoid softened water; the salts can damage your plant. This topiary can accept varying temperatures but thrives best between 65 and 80 degrees.

Apply an all-purpose fertilizer at half the recommended rate every three months or so. Do not fertilize during the non-growing season. Keep your topiary plant in tip-top shape by winding new growth around the topiary form and pulling out dry leaves. Pinch long shoots to keep it full and compact. Periodically rinse leaves with mild, soapy water to remove debris and prevent most insect problems. Remove any yellow leaves.



Latin name: Beaucarnea recurvata
Needs very bright light.
With a whirl and a flick, the foliage of ponytail palm arises from an unusual swollen trunk, the surface of which has the texture of elephant's skin. The leaves are leathery and ribbon like and can grow up to six feet in length and less than an inch wide. The plants require high light levels for the best growth and can even tolerate direct sun. They have an unusual ability to store water in the trunk (thus the other common name of bottle palm) and can go up to a year without water. Wow, talk about low maintenance. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly between watering if you don't plan on abandoning them for a full year.


Needs bright indirect light.

A tropical rain forest for your home. This steamy combination of plants brings a touch of the tropics wherever you are. The mix of fun foliage plants with matching cultural needs are set in a low, glazed ceramic bonsai container that will control growth. Plants make a colorful addition to a tabletop at home or on the desk at the office.

4. House Plant Care Guide 

Aloe Vera

This succulent, known as the "healing plant" for its first-aid benefits, grows very easily. Since aloe thrives without needing much care, it's an ideal choice for busy or absent-minded plant lovers. In the winter, give your aloe good exposure to light and don’t water very often. Let the soil dry out completely before watering. Come summer, it can be set outside and left to its own devices.
Shopping Tip: Make sure to choose an aloe plant with no brown spots and plenty of thick, hearty leaves.

5. House Plant Care Guide

Peace Lily

Thought to be good luck, the peace lily will be happiest out of direct sunlight and in a warm room. Peace Lily plants are proven to improve air quality by absorbing common pollutants such as Benzene as well as toxins emitted from synthetic carpeting and plastics.
• Keep the roots moist but not wet (a lily requires less water in winter) and mist the leaves frequently.
• Peace Lilies bloom in mid-winter, so buy them then!
• Re pot your plant every spring.

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