Monday, January 16, 2012

Pet Product: Poochie Door Bells

My review: I just love this idea because my bird uses his bell to communicate with me. He rings his little bell when I talk to him and he doesn't have anything to say. ( Poppy is 18 yrs old and talks a little.)
 So when I saw this product, Poochie Door Bells and how reasonable it was, I thought, "What a great idea." Just had to share this company and their great idea.

Poochie Door Bells    
Item #: D11326
Price: $19.95
You rang? When nature calls, condition your dog to ring door bells, so you can let him outside. Used by professional trainers, bell training is a safe, kind and effective housebreaking tool. Simple training instructions included. Fashionable and durable poly grosgrain ribbon with silver-metal bells. Made in USA. Solid Colors: Black, Chocolate, Colonial Blue or Pumpkin; Patterns: Bone Appetite Brown, "Home is Where the Dog is," "Good Dog," Mudslide Paw Prints or Peace Love Dog. Loop for hanging. 25" long.

Credit: Except for my short paragraph to begin this product description, the photo and manufactured product description is owned by the company In The Company of Dogs.

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