Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Clorox Clean-up with Bleach

I wanted to share with you a quick review of Clorox Clean - Up Spray. I am speaking of the green bottle shown above in particular. Some three months ago I purchased a bottle of this Clorox Clean Up Spray to use in my kitchen sinks.

We cook meals a few times a day and I am constantly cleaning my kitchen.
 I am always concerned about cross contamination from food. Due to the fact that I am a long time fan of cleaning everything with Clorox Bleach this drew my eye.

 I thought it fitting that this product display of both Clorox Clean Up Sprays was placed right outside our grocery stores pharmacy area.

From the first time I used this Clorox Bleach Clean Up Spray it won me over. There is no strong smell to this wonderful product which my husband has a adverse reaction to strong chemical odors. I spray my sinks, faucets, and even fridge door handles with it daily.

Clorox Bleach Clean Up Spray costs me less than $4 and a bottle with daily use lasts me at least 2 months. Very economical for the price and germ protection for my family. Especially since I just recovered from a viral respiratory infection that was contagious per my doctor.

Next time you grocery shop you might pick up a bottle and give Clorox Bleach Clean Up a try! I am so glad I did and had it on hand when I became ill to disinfect our common areas.

Credit: I have not associated with the Clorox company, just a life long user of their products. Photograph product credit is

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