Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Closed Winners: Flavrz Organic All Natural Drink Mixes

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 3 WINNERS, Rich, Dana, and lilshuga2001!
Giveaway: 3 Winners will receive 5 assorted 1 oz. pouches!!
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 Hello Folks, as you know I am always on the out look for healthy products for my readers. I am happy to introduce you to Flavrz Organic All Natural Liquid Drink Mixes.  I received several of these healthy mixes to try.
  First I sampled Flavrz Organic Lemon Lime drink mix and was surprised at the fresh taste of this drink.
I found the drink tasted as if I had just chopped up fresh fruit and added it to my water. Why? Simply because each liquid drink mix is made with fresh pure organic fruits and botanical extracts, and contains 100% RDA Vitamin C.
   Mom's, Flavrz Organic All Natural Drink Mixes is a new alternative to add to your still or sparkling water.Think how easy it will be to change your families unhealthy drink habits now that their is a tasty, low sugar, healthy alternative. What is simpler to just add a little 1 oz. liquid flavored Flavrz pouch to your water. Drop several pouches into your purse, backpack, lunch kit, ice chest, or pocket. You can choose from fruit flavors, soda mixes, and energy immunity sports flavors. Something for your entire family to enjoy. Fantastic product for anyone at home or on the go, so give Flavrz mixes a try today!
 Hurry over to visit
Flavrz online to learn more about their eco-friendly product line.

Please read what the company says about their FLAVR Natural Organic Drink Mixes.
Flavrz organic beverages are sweet and delicious, made from real fruit and things that grow in the ground. Our drink mixes taste pure because they're always liquid, never powder. At home or on the go, pour our drink mix into water for healthy refreshment that the whole family will love.
Pour Flavrz organic drink mix into still or sparkling water, and make it your way at the table or on the go. Take natural deliciousness wherever you roam with Flavrz healthy drink mixes.

Flavrz organic drink mixes made from all-natural fruit goodness and none of the bad stuff:
Low in sugar
Low in calories
No pesticide residues
No high fructose corn syrup
No genetically modified ingredients
No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

Plus Flavrz supports organic farming and the elimination of pesticides by using only organic ingredients. Our go-green products are healthy for more than just you.
Do something good for our planet by eliminating ready-to-drink beverages from your shopping cart. Mix filtered tap water with eco-friendly Flavrz in a reusable water bottle. It's a small change that can make a big difference.
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  1. I did everything you asked :-)
    1. Tamar W follows on GFC.
    2. Tam Sweeps likes Flavrz Drink Mix on Facebook
    3. I signed up for the newsletter. They had a required "message" field and I told them you sent me!
    4. That's this comment! Well, I'm pregnant and I've had a serious craving for flavored drinks lately, so I definitely want to try this.

  2. Natural and organic got me hooked. Would love to try these!

  3. I follow this blog using gfc. I like flavrz on facebook as michele malone. I signed up for the newsletter and even left a note that I found them through you. I drink water all day, every day and sometimes like to jazz it up by adding a little something extra. this looks like a fantastic way to keep drinking my water and still get a terrific flavor without turning to soda.

    boswife @ gmail . com

  4. I already follow your blog,I follow Flavrz on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter.
    I try to drink alot of water and I am trying very hard to get my boyfriend to drink more instead of Sprites.I am a big fan of fruit ao I would LOVE to try these!I also like that these are organic unlike the other water enhancer options.Thanks for the chance!
    Dana Rodriguez

  5. I follow your blog, like Flavrz Drink Mix on fb, subscribe to your email (via and i'd love to try Flavrz b/c i take a resuable bottle of water to school everyday and it'd be great to try these out & see if i'd want to buy some afterwards

  6. Did all steps!
    Would love to try something organic with low calories :)

  7. Follow you on gfc
    Liked Flavrz on fb and signed up for newsletter.
    I am interested in flavrz because i am trying to eat and drink healthier as well as exercise
    debdenny at centurytel dot net