Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Applegate Farms Organic Chicken Nuggets

 My family tried Applegate Farms Organic Chicken Nuggets for dinner. Please note the second photo above shows the nuggets straight out of the oven. What I noticed first was that their were no broken pieces on the tray. That fact means to me that Applegate Organic Chicken Nuggets which are frozen cooked ready to eat, were prepared as I would have lightly breaded. We got to taste the flavor of the chicken with breading. Most companies seem to depend on the flavor of their chicken nuggets breading  for flavor not so with Applegate Farms Organic Chicken Nuggets. 
 The last photo is my plate which consists of 6 nuggets, two pickles, spinach, stuffing, and a roll. I received two bags shown above to taste test and review. I was so delighted at first bite, they were delicious the chicken was lightly breaded. It was my first chance to try Organic chicken nuggets. 

 I expected when baked a hard piece of breaded chicken and was delightfully wrong. Applegate Naturals Organic Chicken Nuggets were taken straight from my freezer to my oven they come baked you just warm up. After baking the recommended time of 12 minutes, I pulled out a tray of plump golden brown tender nuggets. After one bite I knew that my only mistake was not baking both of the resealable bags. You can microwave these nuggets so your kids coming home from school can eat a nutritious organic snack. 
 You want only the best food for your family right? Then why buy filler chicken nuggets or those fast food mystery meat nuggets. Show you care by purchasing only the best, Applegate Farms Organic Chicken nuggets.
  While your at the grocery pick up their other Organic meats for your family. Applegate
antibiotic free products are made from minimally processed natural and organic whole muscle meat. They offer a full line of natural and organic meats including turkey, chicken, beef and pork and cheeses too! Let me share with you what Applegate Farms says about their products.

When you pick up an Applegate Farms product, you can be assured that...

  • Our animals are never given antibiotics. Healthy animals don’t need medicine. Instead, we give them space, fresh air, and a healthy diet, which we’re certain beats the alternative.
  • Our livestock eat a completely vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Cattle in our organic program are grass-fed. Hogs and poultry in our organic program are fed a grain diet that includes corn, soy, barley, and flax that are free from GMOs.
  • Our animals are never given hormones or artificial growth promotants. They grow at their natural rate.
  • All of our products are made with natural and organic ingredients. If you aren’t familiar with a particular ingredient, email us and we’ll tell you what it is.
  • Our products are all minimally processed, allowing for a wholesome texture and taste.
  • Our products never contain artificial nitrates or nitrites. Instead, we use celery juice and sea salt to preserve our products the natural and old fashioned way.
  • Our deli meat, hot dogs, burgers, and bacon are gluten and casein free.
  • Our products are made from natural and organic whole muscle meat. Yes, even our hot dogs! No mystery here.

    To learn the complete story of Applegate Farms Organic food visit them online.
Credit: Product information is provided by Applegate Farms Organic. Photographs are property of this blog. I recieved two family size bags of Applegate chicken nuggets for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are my own.

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