Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health: Kindergartners Who Have High Blood Pressure

I was reading a May 2011 Good Housekeeping issue and ran across an article in their good health section. These three articles are under the section good to know.
1.  Kindergartners can have high blood pressure, too.
In a recent study, young children who were exposed to their parents secondhand smoke were 21 percent more likely to have elevated blood pressure.

2,  Just a half hour of walking a day over over 15 years halves your risk of dying from colon cancer. To fit a jaunt into your scedule, use half of your lunch hour.

3.  Being bilingual not only expands the circle of interesting people you can talk to, recent research suggests it also builds brain reserves that may help keep Alzheimer's at bay for as long as four years.

Credit: The content of the three articles are the property of Good Housekeeping magazine. I am not associated with the publishers of Good Housekeeping.

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