Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Bake A Heart Cake

How to bake a heart cake
Two Betty Crocker white cake mixes.

Prepare cake mixes as directed
Two Betty Crocker vanilla icing containers.
Sprinkles are optional
Bake one cake in a square pan

Bake one cake in a round pan
Cool completely and take cakes out of their pans onto your work space.
Turn the square cake to look like a triangle
Take the round cake and cut it straight down the middle length wise.
Take both sides of the round cake and position them at top on both sides of the square cake as shown above.
Ice the cake, it will take both containers of vanilla icing.
Sprinkle the sprinkles around the top outside of the heart, as shown above.

Credit: Recipe and photographs are property of this blog. Photographic credit goes to April @TheTattooedType.

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