Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nature: Peacocks & Austin Zoo Residents

 We went on a family outing to the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary a while back. I thought this peacock looked so beautiful it made me want to know more about them. If your ever in the Austin TX. area visit our zoo.

The peacock and its royal connection

The beauty of the peacock has often caused it to be referred to as a proud bird, and there are many stories and traditions surrounding this. Peacock feathers have been used for centuries to fan the royalty and have become a part of the head gear of royalty and beautiful women alike. The peacocks have been the favoured pets of royalty and found a pride of place in royal gardens. But today in India, you cannot own a peacock nor have one for your pet as these are protected animals. The Pea fowls are omnivores and feed on plants, flowers, small insects and reptiles.
Peacocks are easy to raise and take care of; peahens make excellent mothers and so it is easy to get their numbers up with a little help. The peahens lay 2-3 eggs which hatch in twenty eight days. The birds need plenty of sunshine and a lot of open space to thrive.

Here are some of the other animals we met that visit.
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