Friday, May 18, 2012

Beauty: Putting Women's Razors To The Test

With summer upon us I have been researching ladies razors to see which ones are the best. You will be surprised what I found out. First of all my research sent me to a Consumer Reports magazine dated June 2011. To start this off I wanted to share what razor I use, yes the BIC Sensitive. They are cheap but work well for my grooming needs.
By the numbers, a total of 180 times. The total number of times 18 panelists shaved their legs for these tests.
Razors used and evaluated:
CVS Women's 6 blade
Gillette Venus Original
Schick Intuition Plus Sensitive Care
Schick Quattro for Women
Gillette Venus Embrace
Test results are that all razors listed all performed about the same. the number of blades didn't seem to make a difference to the women in their tests, so ignore the marketing hype and buy the cheapest razor that makes you happy.

Credit: Information not listed in italic is property of a Consumer Reports magazine dated June 2011.

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