Monday, May 21, 2012

Womens Diet Health: Women's Diets Low In Potassium

According to Fitness Magazine most women's diets are low in potassium, a mineral that helps keep blood pressure stable.
  Potassium also maintains your body's water balance and helps your nerves and muscles work properly. " We need 4,700 miligrams a day, but many of us consume less than half that because we eat a lot of processed and packaged foods." says Karen Ansel, R.D. a spokesperson for the American Diabetic Association.
  A banana will give you about 10 percent of your daily requirement, but to up your intake, Ansel says, incorporate more fruits, vegetables and legumes into your diet.
Some of the best high potassium options:
A medium baked potato - 926 mg
A half cup of cooked cannellini beans - 502 mg
A small box of raisins - 322 mg
An Orange - 232 mg.

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