Sunday, July 22, 2012

Animal Health: FDA Recalls Animal Food

Hi yall, I get updates from the FDA on recalls.
There is an extensive link of products involved so here is the link. It involves animal food for domestic and exotic animals.
Since it is manufactured from a U.S. company thought I would share.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -July 20, 2012 - PMI Nutrition International has determined that additional Mazuri® and LabDiet® products fall within the scope of previous voluntary recalls, and is expanding a voluntary recall to include the additional varieties with specific lot codes listed below due to the potential for elevated vitamin D levels. Elevated vitamin D levels may cause death, or otherwise be harmful to animals and fish if fed for extended periods, potentially resulting in lack of interest in eating, weight loss and possible joint stiffness.

The products listed below are being added to those included in recalls announced on July 3, July 6, and July 12, 2012*, which were initiated after receiving customer complaints involving animal illness and small animal mortalities.

The alpaca product lots included in the recall were manufactured at the Milford, Indiana plant, using ingredient initially manufactured from April 2, 2012 through May 8, 2012 at the Richmond, Indiana facility. The other lots included in this expanded recall were initially manufactured at the Richmond, Indiana plant.

The products were distributed nationwide and to international customers in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Chile, and Uruguay. Lot codes for some products listed in this recall expansion extend beyond this date range, due to recoding upon further manufacturing, including use as an ingredient in other feed formulations or packaging into different sizes. Dealers have been asked to hold their inventories of these products, to notify affected customers, and to retrieve the product from these customers. The affected product should not be used, and, if possible, should be returned to the retail dealer.

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