Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Thrift Store Finds

Stainless steel tea spoons .29 each. I am a ole southern gal that drinks tea all day long seven days a week. One thing that I have been searching for is a sale on individual tea spoons, they are as scarce as hens teeth. When I found these two spoons at my new favorite Thrift store I knew I found my must have products of the day.

 Newly made dish towel with crochet top .99. I especially liked this dish towel find it will be going up for a Christmas Gift. You can hang it on any handle in your kitchen and this is actually two towels together for extra strength. Some talented soul crocheted this top on these towels and knew what they were doing. It is so pretty and by the tag I can tell is brand new!!


  1. Wow 2 towels together. That is a great find.

  2. I am the daughter of a GRITS and like you iced tea is my only beverage most days. I wrote a post last March or April about my trials of finding good fresh brewed tea during a recent trip to Alabama.

    Some folks think I'm nuts because I actually keep a log of all the places in town that have bad tea or no tea at all. I do not like to visit those places more then once.

    I also understand the shortage of Ice tea spoons. Around my house they seem to disappear on a regular bases. I have taken to checking my husbands wastebasket before taking out the trash because I've learned that he likes to leave them on the corner of his desk and they eventually fall into the trash. By the way a ice tea spoon is the only kind he will use regardless of what he is eating or drinking. So they get a lot of use. If you hear of any place where I can buy them by the gross (cheaply) please let me know.