Monday, August 6, 2012

August Blogger Spotlight - Make It Easy Crafts

Hi everyone,
  I would like to introduce you to Crystal Donnelly owner of Make It Easy Crafts. Crystal is a talented artist, Crystal Clear is her second blog where she writes delightful stories and shares original art. Please visit her blogs.
  Crystal states that Make It Easy is how she relaxes with crafts. Crystal Clear is her art business. You can see her photographs and paintings and purchase some of her art.

How cute are these for grownups cocktails!
Solo cup picnic glasses, conversation starter.
Here is another of the fun projects from Make It Easy.
Duck tape pencil bag craft project just in time for back to school. For step by step instructions just click on the photo.

Crystal Clear is where Crystal shares her painting talents.

 Crystal was gracious enough to do a little Q. and A. with me to learn more about her artistic processes.
1. Please tell us a little more about yourself. How do you pick craft projects?
I've been painting, drawing ever since I could pick up a crayon. I've been designing and creating crafts for almost as long!  As for picking out projects, well, all I can say is that ideas just pop into my head.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes when I'm just walking through the grocery store.  Anytime, anyplace, an idea will materialize.  I look at things differently.  Some people see a fork, I see a shelf.  Some people see trash and I see treasure.  It's simple and anyone can do it, just always think outside the box.

2. How did you choose nature as subjects for your paintings?
As for my art inspiration, well nature just wows me...all the time.  I love animals and skies and colors and what is more colorful that nature?  I have a camera with me at all times (or my cell phone camera) and I snap photos of the oddest things.  My husband swears people will think I'm a nut.
3. You write lovely stories,what are your inspirations?
As for nutty, well, most of my stories deal with my life.  Husband dear also says he sometimes feels like he is married to Lucille Ball.  Hey at least I keep it interesting!  LOL that is what you have to do to be happy...LOL all the time.

I want to Thank Crystal for joining me as my feature August Blogger.
Credit: Photographs used in this post are property of Crystal Donnelly.


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