Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exercise: Wogging

 I read an article the other day and the light bulb went off in my head, I do that. Or let me clarify I used to exercise by wogging.
Wogging is something you may already know about it is walking some and jogging some. Kids do it all the time if you just sit and watch them play, they skip, run, and walk.
  I would start out walking then lightly jog when I began to tire then walk, and repeat. This is easier on your back and knees if your body isn't conditioned to be a runner.Trust me my body could not hold up to take a nice run. Now you can go out and enjoy a good wogging.


  1. I do that too...well, more walking than jogging...

  2. This is basically what I'm doing now. I'm following the C25K Running plan. It really does ease you into jogging if you so choose. So right now, I'm considering myself a wogger. :-)