Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friends Make You Healthier

Friendly Exchanges
How many times have you talked with your best friend and feel a smile cross your face? Your friends make you not only happy but healthy.
In an article published in Fitness magazine it states that you can extend your life by having close friends.

   Adults with strong social relationships can expect to live 3.7 years longer than those without. Julianne Holt Lunstad Ph.D. associate professor of psychology at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah is the study author of this article.

  Our friends encourage us to take better care of ourselves, see doctors when needed, and strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The take away I found reading this article is that it is not the number of friends you have but the quality of friendships that matters.

Credit: I am not associated with the author of this article, Fitness magazine, or its affiliates.

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  1. Boy, did I pick the right day to pop over and check you out. I love the post and I am going to call my friend that I have not talked to in a while. Love the blog and I am you newest follower. Rhonda