Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our House: Lyric Daisy and Sailor Bear Play

As you all know I rescued a puppy last month her name is Lyric. My daughter April and her husband Darren adopted a puppy Sailor who just turned one year old last month. Lyric is 3 months old but thinks she is grown. We discovered shortly after we brought Lyric home that they wanted to play together.
  April and I watched both of them cry and beg for each other. So after a few days of us socializing them a few minutes at a time it happened. We just let them play and play they did.
 Sailor weighs in at 20 lbs. and Lyric at 7 lbs. so we still closely supervise their play time. The running you see is only OK for a few minutes then we separate them. To avoid accidents. She is rather rough biting Sailor on the face but he never shows any aggression. When Lyric gets cranky, again we separate then with gates.
   I hope you enjoy this brief video of our Puppies playing.

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  1. Love your new pup! We rescued a kitty I renamed Elly. I'm not in shape enough anymore to take care of a dog. I do babysit my Grand dog on occasion and this week is one of those occasions....grin....and I'm tired.