Sunday, September 2, 2012

BlogathonATX September 15, 2012 Austin Texas

Hello everyone,

After two years of blogging it is time to spread my wings and learn how to make Southern Made In The Shade the best it can be.
 Just a little about myself, I am Kathy Bradshaw a mother, wife, grandmother, and pet owner. We live in rural Travis County just 7 miles from Austin. So we get the best of both worlds a little bit country and a little bit city living. 
 I have been blogging for two years. Before that my marketing career of 23 years kept me busy. My posts consist of recipes, giveaways, health articles, safety tips, nature lessons, and new product reviews. I choose topics that I find interesting.
  I am excited to announce that I will be attending my first blog event.
On September 15, 2012 in Austin TX. BlogathonATX will be held.
Hurry over and register to join this educational fun event.
  Here is the scoop on BlogathonATX.
They offer several sessions you can attend all for one low ticket price.
Some of the sessions are running concurrent so you decide which ones you want to attend. Primarily this is an event centered around learning, sharing, networking, and giving you tools to make your blog successful.
Reasons to attend:
  • If you want to learn how to expand your vision for your blog, come attend.
  • If for instance you want to have those pesky technical questions answered this is the venue.
  • If you want to meet some friendly bloggers and exchange ideas this is the perfect small venue to accomplish just that.
 No matter your reason for attending it will be worth your time. I compare this to a one day blog course that is affordable and taught by a caring staff. I forgot to mention there will be two meals included and snacks.

  I have been invited to submit a post as a Guest on BlogathonATX .
Here are a few questions I plan to ask at the event.

1.  I have started a blog for my newly established PR business.
Do you recommend we have a website as well?
2. What stats do companies look for when deciding which blogs to work with?
3.  Is it best to limit the amount of posts a blogger does weekly?
4.  Do you suggest always using tags on your blog posts?


  1. Two years, wow. Have a great time at the Blogathon. My answer to no 4 would be a resounding yes.

    PS I have established a little blog tips subblog of Carole's Chatter. If you had a peep at it I would be interested in any feedback you had as such an experienced blogger - and ideas for topics for future posts.

  2. Thanks for including your blog address when you commented on my blog post. BlogathonATX sounds like a terrific event. I hope you'll share what you've learned.
    By the way, I'm a native Texan although I currently live in the Pacific Northwest.
    Now I'm a follower of your blog.