Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unique: Children Birthday Party Statues - Sunset Hills Cemetery.

Cemetery Birthday Party

These children play "Crack The Whip" in Sunset Hills Cemetery. Over the past weekend, someone placed birthday party hats on them, and brightly colored beads around their necks. This grouping of sculptures, by J. Seward Johnson, bring back memories of childhood days, and is one of the many focal points in the cemetery.
Credit: Photograph is taken and property of  Blooms n' Twigs Rod in 2007.


  1. how cute and creative! i would have never thought of such a simple idea. thanks for following my blog, i'm doing a special shout out so be sure to watch for your blog link!

  2. What a cute collection of statues. I love seeing stuff like this at parks and even in backyards. My grandma loved sculptures like these because it reminds her of when she was a kid. When I see kid sculptures like this one I think of downtown Boise because they have these all over.