Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Am A Proud List Maker

 I have a confession to make I have an addition that has plagued me since age of 10. I am a list maker, and have perfected the do list for the day, week, month, and yes year. I used to do it only on calendars but as the years progressed in my life it has been a daily habit.
   List making helps me keep my life organized and checking off each item makes me feel great accomplishment. I keep an assortment of list pads around the house in every room. Pens as you may of guessed is also a must item.When I am at an event that is giving away pens I must have one or maybe two. My tastes for pens began in the second grade when my teacher gave me my first Bic. Oh how the ink glides so eloquently across the page when I write.
  Here are a few items that keep my days happy and productive. At times I have left the list at home but writing it helps me remember what is on it. So when I get to my destination I visualize my list. It works sometimes.
 About now your thinking that I must be scattered brain and your right. When my kids were growing up it worked so well to be a list maker and get all of their activities organized. Like a fine oiled machine every birthday party, holiday, school play, and room mother duty made my list. I arrived at my work each day and began my list.
  Lists have been invaluable in my career as a business to business marketing agent. My supervisor would ask me meeting questions afterwards as she knew I was a keen note taker. She knew if it was noteworthy it made my notes or in the least my list. See where I am going with this? List making has been a valuable tool that has followed me through out my life. 

  In conclusion to this post I want to share with you that after careful scrutiny being a list maker is a noble obsession. Go ahead folks take that pen to paper and write your lists just remember to take them with you when you leave home. It makes doing those tasks so much easier, trust me.
 Do you make lists or have other ways to organize your days? I welcome all comments and enjoy sharing your input.


  1. I too am a list maker. Especially during stressful or super busy times, it makes my heart feel glad to write down every detail of what needs to be accomplished and then crossing those things off one by one. :-)

  2. I have to have a to do list or else nothing will get done!