Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Wrapping 101

So if your like me you know all there is to know about wrapping Christmas gifts. Yet refresher tips always are welcome.
I bring you from Better Home and Gardens website Gift Wrapping 101.

Give your gift boxes a neat, professionally wrapped look by covering the top and bottom separately. Because you tape the paper to the box instead of to the paper itself, the box can be used year after year. To create keepsake treasure boxes, use art paper instead of gift wrap.
What You Need:
  • Small, sturdy gift box with separate fitted top and bottom
  • Decorative paper
1. Measure the box top from one side, across the top, and down the other side. Add 1 inch to this measurement. Measure the box in the other direction in the same manner, also adding 1 inch to the measurement. Cut the paper to this size, centering the design as directed.
2. Center the box on the paper. Fold up opposite sides. At the box corners, snip the paper to the top edge of the box. Fold the paper to the inside and tape it to the inside of the box.
3. Fold up the paper at each end. At each corner, crease the paper on the diagonal to create a triangular point, then fold the creased paper around the corner of the box.
4. Open out the folded corners and refold each diagonal crease so that it folds in towards the box. Refold the paper, tucking the triangular points toward the center of the box side.
5. Fold the paper to the inside of the box and tape in place. You may wish to snip the paper at the outside corners before folding (just to the point where the paper folds to the inside) for a neater corner. Repeat to cover the box bottom.
Holiday Greetings Wrap
1. To make your own computer-generated wrapping paper, reduce the margins on the normal page setup to 1/4 inch all around. Type several lines of holiday greetings.
2. Select and change the font (typestyle) and size of each phrase and change the colors of the words to red, green, or a combination of the desired colors.
3. Repeat the entire section of words until the page is filled. Print the page on ivory or white textured stationery.

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