Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting: Food Labels Misleading?

Food Labels Misleading?
Food Labels may be misleading, labeling on food packages may not be telling you the whole story. The FDA has not defined the word natural or its use on food products. Companies are free to use the word Natural as they not the FDA seem fit.

In other words the words "All Natural "on food packaging may be used as a hook to get your attention. Also using the words all natural on packaging can mean higher priced items. You may be thinking that the product is some how better than those sitting next to it.

 While shopping when I see that term, "All Natural" it evokes a sense of superiority in a product. Or at the least it must be better for me that that other unlabeled quote natural product.

What is a consumer to do?  By being diligent about reading labels you know exactly what ingredients are in your food.

Remember that just because a food is labeled Natural that it may not be better than its shelf partner.
Check your labels and Happy Eating!!

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