Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pamplet: How To Have A Prom Dress Giveaway Event

Nettie Pearl's Closet pamplet on How To Have A Prom Dress Giveaway Event, is available. Please contact me if you would like learn how to plan this event in your area. After 3 years of these events I can tell you how rewarding it can be for so many.

Pamplets are $15 each and include all steps to having a Prom dress Giveaway Event. Each step is given to you with free email help along the way. ( Each pamplet includes online support for your first event.)
No matter how small your town is or how large your city is all girls should have a chance to attend a formal event in style. Giving back is my secret that I share with you in this how to pamplet!

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