Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeding Your Vegetarian Child

 Happy Spring everyone, I had a coworker a while back fairly distressed when her 8 year old daughter came home to announce she was no longer eating meat. Of course the first thing Sue did was make an appointment with their pediatrician to discuss dietary vegetarian options for her preteen. When I found this article on How To Feed Your Little Vegetarian it brought back the research I helped Sue do at that time. Wish we had this article two years ago. I hope you find it useful or at the least interesting.

How To Feed Your Little Vegetarian
 About 1.4 million American children ages 8 to 18 are vegetarians, a survey by the Vegetarian Research Group found. And while your child's diet du jour might be a pain if the rest of the clan likes meat, it's not unhealthy.
 Vegetarian kids consume less saturated fat and cholesterol and eat more vegetables, fruit, and fiber than their meat eating peers. according to a study in the Achieves of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

 Lisa Oz co-author of Raising a Child who brought up four children on a mostly plant based diet shared that preparation is the key. Keep protein rich easy to grab snacks like hard boiled eggs, and nut butter on hand. Also add whole grains and legumes to recipes for much needed vitamin B-12, and iron.
 Plan customizable family meals, such as pasta, sandwiches, and salads with a variety of topping - diced chicken for meat eaters, beans, cheese, and seeds for your veggie lovers. Serve them salad bar style for a fast, nutritious crowd pleaser. Sarah Jo author of How to Feed Your Little Vegetarian.

Credit: The article How to Feed Your Little Vegetarian is the property of Redbook Magazine date of publication unavailable.

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