Monday, March 19, 2012

Closed: Review & Giveaway: Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

CONGRATULATIONS to Linda and Donna you are each a Winner of one bottle of Country Bob's All purpose Sauce.
Giveaway: Two winners will win one bottle each of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

 Tonight my family grilled chicken outside and then topped each piece with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. It was our first time to try this sauce and we were very impressed at the flavor, sweet but not to much sweetness. Thick enough to stick to my chicken until the last bite. My favorite comment was from my husband who agreed with me saying, "Finally a sauce with a perfect mixture of flavors with no ingredient overpowering the other, just right." We plan to use it every time we prepare meats, soups, stews, and baked beans. I found a nice selection of recipes on Country Bob's website. The use of this sauce is limitless and the company has several other products we are eager to try.

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is in a class by itself. It is more than a steak sauce, because of its unique flavor and the variety of uses. You can grill, cook, and marinate with it, or put it in your soups, stews, baked beans, and your other favorite dishes. Experience the Taste!
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce is Gluten Free.

Country Bob’s Sauces are available in stores around the nation. Just visit their website for a location near you.
Country Bob's products include:
All Purpose Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Seasoning Salt
Apple Chipotle
Honey Habanero

*Ask about their private labeling options for your business.
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Credit: I was given Country Bob's All Purpose sauce to try. However the opinions in this post are my own. Visit Country Bob's online to learn about their line of products,


  1. I would use this sauce probably same way you did on chicken. I've had it before that way and it does really make a difference. I love County Bob's Sauce!

  2. I'd use it for pork chops. @corndogwalker

  3. We love Country Bob's, love to use it on our pork chops, roasts and hamburgers!

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  6. on my chicken and steak or for that matter just about anything i barbarque

  7. I would use it on chicken for me & on hamburger for my husband
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    and I Like Country Bob's Facebook page as Donna D
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  9. I bet this would be great on poultry xo

  10. Yummy on chicken
    Diane Baum

  11. I'd use this on some slow roasted pork ribs. Follow via gfc and follow them on fb.

    michelle tucker
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  12. gfc follower as Nikki Davis.

    I love the sauce on chicken or hamburgers.

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  13. this is swell on chops, like the clam loaf recipe

  14. i follow you via gfc & like them on fb
    rich morris

    - i'd LOVE to use their sauces when i'm grilling. I grill year round even when it's 90* or a foot of snow. Nothing better than feeling the heat & drinking a favorite beverage