Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fashion Health: Give Your High Heels & Your Health A Break

I know heels look and make me feel dressy when I wear them. As I got older I would admire other women's high heel shoes instead of wearing them myself. My podiatrist told me a few years ago that I need to hang up my high heel shoes for my health. So I did so reluctantly.
  I read the most interesting article about wearing high heels and your health.
From a study in the Journal of Experimental Biology that finds when you work out that wearing your heels can shorten your calf muscles. This can increase stiffness in your Achilles tendons over time.
  What does this mean? Over time when you work out in sneakers you tendons and calves will no longer be pliable enough to allow your heel to rest on the ground, upping the odds of a strain or tear, says Marlene Reid, D.P.M. spokesperson for the American Podiatry Medical Association.
  All you lovely ladies that swear by your high heels don't worry you can still strut you stuff. Just switch heels from one day to the next by giving your legs and feet a break as well, different the height of your heels in your wardrobe. " Your tendons will change length frequently, which can help avert damage." Dr. Reid says.
Credit: This article content was taken from a Fitness Magazine dates Nov./Dec.2010.
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