Thursday, May 17, 2012

Household: Is Freezer Burn Food Safe To Eat ?

Last week my Husband, Dave and I were cleaning out our freezer. We debated if a package of foiled hamburger meat was good or not. I said, honestly honey just toss it. So I wanted to share this basic information about freezer burn that I found.

Freezer burn - When frozen meat turns brown, veggie shrivel, and ice cream gets frosty due to the air seeping into packaging and drying out the food. It's safe to eat, but you may not want to.

My theory is this, if in doubt throw it out.

Credit: The Freezer burn information is from a Good Housekeeping magazine dated Feb. 2011.

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  1. I had this question in our first house with some frozen hamburger meat. I ended up tossing it just to be safe. Turns out my sister ignores the freezer burn and cooks up her meat as if nothing is wrong. She's 24 and hasn't gotten sick maybe it's okay? Not something I'm going to test.