Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer Tip #1: Getting Rid of Ants

New segment is born and it is named Summer Tips. Today I want to share with you what you can do to get rid of ants. This information is a combination of my personal tried and true experiences along with speaking with a  exterminator.
No matter how careful we all are about cleanliness sometimes these little critters, ants get into our homes.
First you want to be sure and clean up your unwashed dishes, and your kitchen floors of crumbs, sugar spills, and any strayed cheerios. We sometimes see ants in our bathrooms. Ants love water and seek it out which was a mystery to me.
What can you do to rid your environment of ants?
If you have a pesky troop of ants
check out ant stakes. Ant stakes can be purchased through Grant's Kills Ants shown are priced at $8.07 currently.
 For another alternative to getting rid of ants find their entry hole and put a few bay leaves on it. Ants hate bay leaves.
It has been mentioned to me that you can boil water and pour it down the anthill mound. If you reach the queen it will eliminate her and the troop. I don't want to go to combat personally. Yet I wanted to share with you that tip. Of course there are several nation wide exterminators that you can contact in your area to control any of your critter problems.
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