Friday, June 15, 2012

Opened: Whole Foods Market Arbor Trails.

Whole Foods Market opened in the Shops at Arbor Trails on June 19th!
Whole Foods - Whole People - Whole Planet.

Whole Foods at Arbor Trails is located just off Mopac 1 at 4301 W. William Cannon in South Austin. An easy drive from anywhere in  the Austin area.
This 39,600 square foot store is staffed with 55 long term employees brought from other stores, as well as about 155 newcomers.

Customer service comes naturally from dedicated folks who love what they do. Anyone working at Whole Foods Market can assist you, and are eager to do so. Now that is a comforting thought !

 "Health Starts Here"signs throughout the store serve as a guide for finding healthy food options. The 'Healthy Food Starts Here' resource area offers books and healthy recipes. Most are made with unprocessed whole foods, with no added oils, and no refined sugar. A Recipe Kiosk will also be available for shoppers to locate, print, and use recipes as a shopping guide.  Yet another way to help families locate healthy whole foods.

  Each department has expert Team Members to help you locate products and the Grocery department has an extensive selection of specialty diet foods. A few of the selections include vegan options, raw foods, and gluten free food.

 What struck me as brilliant about this store is the flow of traffic.You move through the front door to enter produce, floral, bulk foods (grains,massive selections), on to meat counter, seafood counter, and cheese counter. Right in front of your meats, seafood, and cheese is a large offering of wines. All meat and poultry come from animals raised on vegetarian diets with no antibiotics and no added hormones.

How handy ! Pick up your appetizer, entree, and shop your wine all in one section.
   The store has Green features natural lighting fixtures, and solar panels that run the length of the buildings roof.  From reclaimed and repurposed elements, to the tailgates hanging above the check out centers to the many signs through out the store. Above produce you find a reclaimed metal fence with garden hose wound inside, making quite the unique ceiling divider. Just a few of the wonderful Green aspects that gives the Whole Foods Market Arbor Trails store that authentic South Austin feel.

 Guest Services offers Personal Shopping services, and catering services, for small or large gatherings. There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases, and a 10 cent reusable bag credit for each bag brought to pack your purchase. 
Don't forget to use the Electric car charging station in the parking lot.
Or for a whole new perspective, ride your bicycle to the store and use the bike racks or the bike maintenance station with air and general bike maintenance tools.

 To learn more about the Whole Foods Market at Arbor Trail, just drop by!

Store hours are 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily

Online go here:  

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