Monday, July 30, 2012

D.I.Y.: Unusual Floral Container Tips

    My favorite source for fresh flowers is our local grocery floral department. Their flower assortment is fresh, varied, and guaranteed to last 7 days. Last time I ordered flowers from a florist they lived 3 full days.
I am sure that is an exception of quality not the rule at most florist. That was my personal experience. So I turn back to my favorite chain for my floral needs.
    I find flowers bring a smile to my face so keeping those little beauties around brighten my days. I suppose that is why all hospitals have fresh flower arrangements for sale. To cheer up those that might need it no matter what the situation.

  When I think of flowers sometimes simple is special and less is more.

One dozen roses are beautiful but how about a spring bouquet with only one rose. Or a single daisy in a vase in your bedroom, or bath.
  On arrangements you need only the basics.
Think about anything that can hold water:

1. How about using a large coffee cup to hold your blooms.
Just snip off the stems to sit in the cup but not touch the bottom. Daisies would be a great pick. Pick flowers with thin but strong stems for best results.
2. Old perfume bottles that have been soaked in a mixture of water and baking soda work fine. Make sure no trace of the perfume remains.
Place a single flower in the bottle. Enjoy!
3. How shabby chic is a mason jar with a bouquet of spring flowers.

Main tip is not to over crowd the jar but place enough flowers in so they stand up.
4. Take melons, apples, and cut the bottoms flat. Place the fruit of choice on a decorative saucer or plate. Fill fruit half way full of water and place your flowers in.

5. Place a large bowl with stones or marbles. Add water then stick the stems of your flowers into the stones.  Use that chipped china you just can't seem to part with for floral arrangements.
  • Add ivy, babies breath, or small leafy branches to fill out your bouquet.
  • Remove all leaves below water level they will hasten the decay of your bouquet.
Credit: Photograph and post is property of KathyB, owner of Southern Made In The Shade blog.

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