Sunday, July 22, 2012

Floral Tip:Using Drinking Straws For Flower Arranging

I enjoy making my own flower arrangements for my home.
I find the healthiest flowers at my local grocery store, H.E.B. So when I find useful tips on floral arrangements I keep it on file.
Here is a tip about drinking straws that I found very useful. You can use them on any thin stem flower.
    First thing is to get your vase and water prepared then take each individual tulip and slip it into a wide drinking straw.

Then just add the flowers individually into your vase. Best of all you can wash and reuse the drinking straws for the next time. Just dry the straws and label a baggie with the instructions for future use.

Credit: Photographs are from Pinterest with unknown origin. Straw tip is from an May 2011 article in Good Housekeeping magazine.

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