Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Please Tell Us A Little About Yourself

  Hi Everyone,
   Hope this finds your day going your way. That is a phrase my dad used to use, he was a southern Texas born fellow. Another phrase J.C. used often, "We didn't have as much as some folks, more that others but we did just fine." Isn't it funny how our parents shape our life's in so many positive ways.
   I just wanted to share a little bit about my world. My favorite aunt, Aunt Net told me when I was 12 years old, "Peanut, pick your husband by the way he treats his Mother and you'll find a good man." I did just that and it has worked out wonderfully.
   Dave is a supportive husband and our marriage has been an adventure for him. He has been so loving, kind, and nurturing of all my projects. I join him in the kitchen to prepare dinner daily. He is such a great cook and well I am not. To help him unwind at the end of his day we play a What If game. It goes like this, I say where in the world would you like to be right this minute? With his dry sense of humor he replies something like, " Some village in Alaska where I never see anyone but you." Which I reply with, "Sounds great as long as you can set me up with WIFI." Then I get that first smile of the hour.
    I gave birth to my best friend 28 years ago, April Reel-Bogus. Yes that is April's legal name we think it is cute. She is happily married to Darren and they have Sailor, their 1 year old puppy.
    She is a practical thinking woman with an old sole and common sense. We share mutual respect for each others views, opinions, business, and creative aspirations. April has a great head for business and photography.
   For 25 years I worked as a Marketing Agent with a large group of corporate peers and clients. It was not long not working that I found Blogging as an outlet to utilize my skills. My skills as a Marketing Agent and gift to relate to people has served me well. Although traveling for work was so rewarding, home is where I want to be.
     My inspiration to write this is the new business venture my daughter, April and I are going to launch soon. We have started a new business together, 2Gals PR! I know there are many small businesses that need assistance spreading their wings online. 2Gals PR plans to fill that void.
   Please stay tuned to learn more about 2Gals PR. We will focus on local companies and definitely giveaways will be part of those projects.
 Southern Made in The Shade is continuously growing and it is so nice that you along for this ride with me.

     Kathy B.


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  2. Nice introduction....I enjoyed your writing style...very welcoming and Texas Friendly. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and leaving a comment. I'm a new follower and look forward to seeing more posts from Southern Made In The Shade. Neat Name and Blog.