Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review: The Greatest Generation Tom Brokaw

The Greatest Generation By Tom Brokaw 

 The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw has been on my book list for sometime now. My only regret is not reading it sooner. I would of enjoyed discussing the World War II years with my late father.
   I learned so much about the strength and trust the women of that time had. They trust their husbands to come home safely and ran the family with the strength of ten men. 
   My father J.C. Reel Jr. was in the Navy in 1942 but only served a year and was medically discharged. He was deaf in one ear which he hid very well for awhile. 
Daddy was so disappointed not to be able to stay in the Navy. "I worked on the engines and kept those planes flying." He was also a pilot and talked about flying often to me as a young adult. 
    I encourage anyone who enjoys history, or has anyone with military roots to read this book. 
It left me with a deep admiration for what this generation went through from the women left on the home front to the men on the front line.  The Greatest Generation is broken down into several stories about different individuals. From famous folks like Julia Child to senators and others of historic importance.
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  1. Interesting. I will have to read it. My parents met in 1937 and married in 1939 and had their first child in 1941. The war was raging by then and they had to struggle here at home together with the option of Dad potentially leaving but he was 30 and older but if there would have been one more draft he would have been called up. They struggled here at home with rationing and lack of resource that other generations haven't had to go without here in the US while a War was on. I hear WWII and my ears perk up.

  2. How about linking this in to Books You Loved: August edition. Sounds like a book others would like to know about.


  3. I need to read that book, have been meaning to for quite awhile. My Daddy was in WWII and told stories to the men that would come around but wouldn't tell we children. I later after he died found out where he went and what unit he was with all due to the computer and I think God because I had nothing to go on. They indeed were true heroes everyone of them and they did what they had to do came home and expected nothing. The most humble of soldiers I have ever known...thanks for the post I enjoyed it.

  4. I always liked him. I think my dad has read the book- will have to e-borrow it from him : o )