Friday, August 10, 2012

We Repurpose Containers

Around our home we repurpose several common containers. In this photograph far left is a kitchen canister we use now as a doggie treat jar. In the middle is a jar from the 80's unsure what type of food was originally in it. On the right I have taken this candy/cookie canister and now use it for my clean kitchen dish clothes, and dish towels.

 We now use a 70's tang pitcher
for my bird, Poppy's seed.

My husband and I go through at least one coffee maker a year. I just can't make myself donate the coffee pots.  I use them for seed that I take outside to the bird feeders.

Not long ago my daughter April, closed her Etsy shop.
Her inventory liquidation went well and she gave me this candy dish.
The dish is perfect to hold my jewelry while house cleaning.


  1. Some wonderful "re-purposing" ideas! Go girl!

    I am looking for apothecary jars with cork stoppers or glass stoppers for bath salts. Need inexpensive for resell if you run across any.


  2. We do the same thing. Nothing goes to waste.

  3. I like that Tang container re-purposed.

    We have hard water here and go through the coffee makers - do you run vinegar and water through them from time to time to loosen up the water deposits?

  4. We, too, try to re-purpose containers, especially anything glass. I'm not too big on long term use of plastic. Love using jars. . .

  5. How wonderful! One of my daughters grabbed a bunch of Penzey's spice jars and vanilla bottles from our 'spice cabinet clean out' yesterday and transformed them with Mod Podge and odd bits of wrapping paper into paper clip and pencil holders for her dorm room!! XO-

  6. such a great idea! I need to think beyond, so I can reuse and repurpose!!

  7. I'm into repurposing / recycling / UP cycling - it's the only responsible thing to do now a day!
    A Georgia Southerner :)

  8. you have some great ideas here some i have used, but there are some i didnt think about keep it going girl

  9. wonderful way to recycle :-) Hugs P.S. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop :-)