Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar Free & No Sugar Added What Is The Difference

I look for food and drinks that are sugar free most of the time, but do settle for no sugar added at times. I know that by reading labels which I am diligent about that no sugar added products usually are low in sugar. I make diet allowances if I am eating those foods since I am a diabetic.
  Since most folks are watching what they eat for their fitness and health regiments I bring you this article on the difference in sugar free and no sugar added labels.

     Sugar free indicated that less than 0.5 gram of sugar per serving is used.
    No sugar added means that additional sugar hasn't been put into a product, but the term has become a marketing gimmick.

 "It's on foods that won't have sugar added such as plain yogurt for example - to entice you to buy them," says Constance Brown Riggs R.D. a spokesperson for the American Diabetic Association.
   Ms. Riggs recommends that you read ingredients instead of relying on these labels. Your body processes all sugar in the same way, so if your watching your weight monitor your calories.

Credit: The paragraphs that are not in italic are property of Fitness Magazine dated September 2011.

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